UPDATE: we are moving from this location as of 12/31/19 and any new monthly tenants will need to be prepared to move out as of 11/30/19. Short-term rentals for filming or photography may still be possible; inquire if you are a locations manager with interest in shooting here. We will also not be available for events of less than one full day’s duration. Thanks. 

What does the place look like?

We are in the process of setting up the space. It is 9500 total square feet and all open, no floor-to-ceiling walls between the spaces. The bathroom is finished, the utility sinks are finished, the hot water heater is done, and the kitchenette just needs the trim installed. There are large areas of common space, including a wonderful old elevator shaft, plus “jail house” windows, brick and distressed metal walls, and exposed pipes that would be fantastic as photo and video backdrops.

• exposed brick on three sides of the interior
• 14 foot ceilings
• wonderful east- and west-facing sunlight
• loading dock with very large double barn doors
• security cameras inside and out
• high-speed Wi-Fi
• common areas for tenants’ use for painting or photography
• rustic wood floors
• utility sinks
• kitchenette with refrigerator, microwave, and coffee machine
• space for classes, art showings, craft fairs, pop-up shops
• industrial metal deck outside – great for lounging at sunset!

What size are the spaces?

There are a few different sized spaces starting at about 160 sq. ft. and going up to about 500 sq. ft. – or you can always rent two or more adjacent spaces if one by itself isn’t big enough! Get in early and you can have the most choice of where you’d like to be.

What kind of artists or businesses would be a good fit?

Fine artists, photographers, jewelry makers, film and TV service providers (set dec, art department, props, fixtures, wardrobe, makeup), videographers and editors, artist and musician PR reps, craftspeople, computer-based businesses of all kinds, and many more!

There are a few types of art that are unsuitable due to the building construction and open-plan design: artists that use large amounts of water or open flame (such as paper makers or glass blowers); heavy woodworking that causes a lot of sawdust; metalworking; welding; and other arts that are a fire hazard or simply very loud and dusty. But, ask us if you’re unsure! There is an outdoor area where dust-making activities might be accomplished and the finished products and equipment can be stored and displayed inside. Some of our artists work on their projects elsewhere and use their space here as their sales location only.

What do you mean, there aren’t any walls?!

Abrams’ biggest beautiful feature is the wide expanse of open space when you walk in – you can see from the doors all the way to the windows 180 feet away. We didn’t want to detract from both the view and the collaborate atmosphere by putting in full walls. Each space has a short divider to visually define the entry to the space. However, we are all creative people! We encourage you to come up with a fun and artistic way to separate your space from the next. We have one artist doing a floor-to-ceiling string wall. Another plans a zigzag of Christmas lights from pole to pole on one side. Someone else might divide their space using furniture or bookcases, or you could hang a collection of old windows from the ceiling; or install picket fencing or lattice. A trickle-down tiered wall of clear acrylic blocks would look fantastic. The sky’s the limit to your creativity! Some people may actually like that the divider is an existential line on the floor! No matter what you do, of course the overall space is still “open” – that’s the idea. If you need a private area in part of your space, you could do a curtain wall or use a room divider or build some movie flats to partition off some of it. Other than a restriction on painting the brick or altering the floor, you are welcome to make your space YOUR space.

Is there an application and lease?

Yes, there is a brief application (please email us at abramscreativespsace@gmail to get one). We do require a lease with a minimum of three months to start, and you can leave on 30 days’ notice after that. We don’t want anyone to feel they are “locked in” long-term to something that doesn’t work for them. There is a $50 non-refundable reservation fee required to reserve your space for up to 30 days prior to the commencement of your lease. Rent runs on the calendar month, due on the 25th of each month for the following month. If you would prefer to pay a pro-rated rent amount to cover the remaining days left in the month before your move-in date (or if you wish to move in prior to the first of any month), the $50 space reservation fee would be unnecessary.

What else do you have going on there?

We want to make this a living and lively space – not just a place to go and work in solitary and then go home. We plan to bring in art exhibitions, classes, craft fairs, pop-up shops, “come meet the artists” nights, music, performance art, and other events that bring the Atlanta arts community, arts supporters, and the film/TV industry into the space. This helps bring people who can look at your work and tell others what they saw. Some events will be free to attend and others funded through ticket sales. We’d like to have a balance of community-enrichment and for-profit events, so that we can both learn and grow AND make some money!

Are you LGBTQ friendly?

Absofuckinglutely. We have NO issues with your wish to live differently from your birth gender, nor do we care or judge what are your lifestyle choices, partners, orientation, appearance, desired pronoun, or  bathroom preference (we only have one big sexy handicapped-accessible unisex bathroom anyway) and we will not tolerate any disrespect or discrimination in our space. Everyone of every nationality, religion, and cultural origin is welcome. Please, however, do leave your guns at home. And maybe your clown costume. These days, we are afraid of clowns.

Let’s just all respect each other. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. That’s what we believe in. All you need is love.