UPDATE: we are moving from this location as of 12/31/19 and any new monthly tenants will need to be prepared to move out as of 11/30/19. Short-term rentals for filming or photography may still be possible; inquire if you are a locations manager with interest in shooting here. We will also not be available for events of less than one full day’s duration. Thanks. 

Abrams Creative Space


Abrams is an open-plan artist studio space, exhibition gallery, and filming location in the historic 100+ year old Abrams Fixture Corp. building in Atlanta’s West End. With 9500 total square feet, 14 foot ceilings, oversized barn doors, and loading dock, it’s the perfect place for the working artist, photographer, or designer; creative collaborator; film & TV services provider; and anyone else looking for a cool place to work at their own business while surrounded by inspired and visionary people.

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Want to take a tour? Give us a call at 617-331-0127 or 678-643-6678. We are usually on site M-F 10-5, but often later and on weekends also. Let us know when you want to come by so we can make sure we are not out on a run.


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