Artwork rentals and sales for film & TV, corporate, home staging, events

Abrams has a variety of artwork that is perfect for onscreen display in your movie, TV show, music video, building lobby or waiting area, event, reception, or home staging. The copyright to all artwork offered for rental or sale is owned outright by Abrams principals, and we hold any necessary model and property releases, so there is never any worry about intellectual property issues or clearances. We have both actual paintings on wood, canvas, and paper; plus many photographic prints of paintings that were previously sold. Is there a print or painting you like, but you need it in a different color palette to match the mood of your film? No problem – by making a digital copy and altering the color scheme, we can reproduce any painting in the hues and tones you need.

Rental rates vary according to size and duration of rental. Custom orders (color alterations or printing in a size other than what we already have in the studio) need 1-2 weeks advance notice, but don’t worry – we have plenty of artwork on hand and ready to be picked up. We generally do not release digital files for printing by the production or rental entity, but we can work in collaboration with your printing company of choice if you need to use a specific vendor.

All artwork is rights-managed and is registered with the US Copyright Office, and is licensed for usage per the terms set by the artist. This is not royalty-free stock artwork. Renters and purchasers are licensing a specific usage only, and do not hold the rights to reproduce the artwork for any purpose other than as defined in the license. Sublicensing and transferring of rights is not permitted even if someone buys the physical artwork. You would only own the physical copy: not the right to reproduce it. Please inquire if you wish to use any artwork for purposes such as marketing, promotion, movie posters, pitch decks, book covers, merchandise, backdrops, or any other usage besides as set decoration, and we will provide you with a quote.

If you need to view a larger sample, please email abramscreativespace at gmail with your name, your company or show name, and position or crew status.

All artwork can be enlarged or reduced to any size you wish. Traditional canvas paintings are rented as originals unless previously reserved; in that case, they will be photographed and printed on heavyweight paper. Some cropping may occur if you want a print in full-bleed in a different aspect ratio; or any photo can be placed onto a larger field with a white border and thus avoid cropping.