UPDATE: we are moving from this location as of 12/31/19. No new rentals or leasing will be done as of 12/1/19.  

Thank you for your interest in holding your event here! Here is some information you’ll want to know before clicking through to the form link at the bottom of this page.

Abrams is an arts community, and our venue is reserved solely for events related to visual and performing arts. This includes fine art exhibitions; art shows; gallery nights; performance art; craft fairs; textile / fashion arts; pop-up shops related to the arts; arts & crafts instruction classes; plays; film & TV shoots & recordings; auditions; table reads, etc. We cannot host parties, concerts, club nights, weddings, raves, non-arts trade shows, estate auctions, etc.

The form below allows us to get an idea of what your event will be and if we are capable of hosting it. If it’s not a good fit for us due to whatever reason (size, style, etc.), we may know somewhere that would work for you.

Please note, the submission of this form and/or discussion of an event or other possible rental does not constitute a contract or agreement of any kind. In the event of multiple inquiries for the same date, the party who provides their reservation fee and signed contract first secures the date. No booking shall be considered in any way final without our receiving a signed contract and reservation fee. 


Parking and security personnel:

Events that expect more than 75 people will be required to pay for uniformed security officers and parking attendants. Should you state that you will have only 75 people and thus don’t need security or parking personnel, be advised that additional attendees beyond 75 will not be admitted into the venue and will be required to leave the property.

Payment for security, parking, and venue attendants must be made 48 hours in advance of the event, in cash or credit card only.

Cleaning, security, and damage deposit:

We require a minimum $250 cleaning and damage deposit, paid in cash or credit card prior to the start of the event. Some events may carry a higher deposit. This deposit will be returned within five business days as long as the venue and parking lot is determined to have been left in the state in which it was rented: clean, all trash removed, no vandalism, no items left behind for us to have the burden of disposing, and nothing broken or stolen. You are welcome to take pictures immediately following the event and complete a walk-through with the management. It’s easy to get 100% of your deposit back! Just make sure you clean up and that you and your attendees don’t break anything, walk off with our stuff, or vandalize our property. Both of which have happened several times.

Usage of dumpster on site:

You may dispose of BAGS OF TRASH in the dumpster. Any other items used for your event that you no longer need must be taken with you. This includes lumber, fencing, pallets, flats, paint, fabric, decorations, furniture, televisions, etc. If it doesn’t fit into a trash bag, it shouldn’t go into the dumpster. Event organizers who allow their attendees and vendors to put construction materials, chemicals, TV sets, and other debris to go into the dumpster will forfeit their entire cleaning deposit.

Alcohol and drug policy:

Arts events: it is possible to serve alcohol but NOT to sell it. If you are serving alcohol, minors under the age of 21 ARE NOT allowed to be served or provided with drinks anywhere on the property, not even with parents’ permission. Persons serving alcohol must be 21 or older and copies of their valid driver’s license or passport will be required. Venue reserves the right to stop alcohol service at any time if safety becomes an issue, with that determination being solely at the venue’s discretion.

Productions – movie, TV, and video filming: productions are expected to be professional working environments and alcohol IS NOT ALLOWED. If you have prop bottles of alcohol, they should have colored liquid inside; or be unopened bottles. If for some reason you need to actually drink alcohol while shooting, there is an additional $500 non-refundable charge per shoot day, and the venue reserves the right to eject any and all persons associated with the production should alcohol become an issue, which is determined solely at the venue’s discretion.

For any events of any kind: persons the venue determines to be drunk and/or causing a problem due to alcohol will be ejected. Event organizer assumes all federal, state, and local liability for serving alcohol.

No rental fees shall be refunded if an event or filming production has to be shut down due to alcohol issues.

There is NO SMOKING WHATSOEVER allowed inside the venue nor on the deck. All cigarette smoking, vaping, vaporizers, herb cigarettes, pipes, cigars, etc., must be done at least 20 feet from the deck. Smoking is also not allowed near other tenants’ units. There is a grassy area with some benches outside where you are welcome to smoke cigarettes only (not cannabis).  No it is not covered. Bring an umbrella. All cigarette butts must be removed. Do not leave them on the ground or the event organizer will forfeit the cleaning deposit. There is NO pot smoking allowed anywhere on the property. Please exit the gate and do what you wish and then return. Event organizers are responsible for monitoring the behavior of their attendees. Persons smoking pot will be removed from the premises and the organizer will forfeit their deposit. Attendees are not allowed to sit in their cars and smoke pot. Please take it offsite and then return when finished.

Loitering: Event attendees should be inside at the event; outside on the deck for some air; or smoking cigarettes in the designated area. Loitering inside or out of cars is not permitted.

Venue environment: 

The entire Abrams building is a working artist community. This means there may be artists working in their spaces during your event, as well as other tenants present and working elsewhere in the building. Artists within our own space will make every effort to remain unobtrusive and generally quiet, but ambient noise from other businesses in the building may be audible and at times loud. (If your event is lively, it’s unlikely you’d even notice, but this is not guaranteed.) Other tenants may also have clients and visitors entering and exiting their own spaces. Arrangements can be made by us for our own artists and/or other tenants in the building and an event organizer to “buy them out” for the day if noise or traffic is a concern. Other building tenants have their own financial structure for buy-outs and payment would be made to them directly; Abrams Creative Space does not take any fee from either the organizer or the other tenants on buy-outs.

Payment for all events:

  • 50% space reservation fee due at time of booking. Balance due two weeks before for checks; day of for cash or credit cards (prior to the start of the event).
  • Any remaining balance that is not paid prior to start of event will result in the full cancellation of the event. Under no circumstances will event be allowed to move forward without Abrams receiving full payment.
  • Payment is due based on contracted hours; any overtime payments are due at the time of extension.
    • I.e., if event is scheduled for six hours and it ends early, payment based on six hours is still required and no monies will be refunded. If event goes over six hours (and overtime is possible that day), OT payment due in cash at time of extension.

Refund schedule:

  • Cancellation at least 31 days from date of the event: 75% of reservation fee already paid will be refunded; 25% will be forfeited.
  • Cancellation between 30 and 15 days from date of the event: 50% of reservation fee already paid will be refunded, 50% will be forfeited.
  • Cancellation between 14 and three days from the event: 25% of reservation fee already paid will be refunded, 75% will be forfeited.
  • Cancellation within two days of the event: 100% of reservation fee already paid is forfeited.
  • No-shows: 100% of reservation fee already paid is forfeited.

All sound good? Great! Then click here for the application form.

NOTE: nothing on this page constitutes a contract or agreement. Terms and Conditions, rates, and information on this website are subject to change at any time.