UPDATE: we are moving from this location as of 12/31/19. No new rentals or leasing will be done as of 12/1/19.  

Thank you for your interest in renting an artist studio space here! Here is some information you’ll want to know before clicking through to the form link at the bottom of this page.

This application will give us the information we need about what kind of art you do or what kind of business you have. If it turns out that Abrams wouldn’t work for you due to whatever reason (square footage needed, type of business, noise level.), we may know somewhere that would work for you.

What we are suited for: fine artists, illustrators, prop showrooms, photographers, writers, those working in computer-based art forms such as animators or video editors, clothing designers, jewelry makers, decorative artists, furniture restorers, upholsterers, film industry lockup, and lots more.

What we are NOT suited for: recording studio work, anything that creates a lot of hours of dust or shavings, art that requires a wet room, art that uses volatile chemicals, art that requires welding indoors, heat-based arts such as those using a kiln, crafts that run loud tools or machinery for hours at a time; clothing makers and oil painters (as their is a lot of dust). Those using tools or machines for temporary periods (such as, using a sewing machine, using a drill or saw intermittently) are generally fine. Those using a drill or table saw for eight hours a day every day are not. We are not sound-proof and this is an OPEN PLAN space. No doors, no floor-to-ceiling walls. That means you can hear everyone and everyone can hear you. It’s generally not suited for those recording audio or video as the primary part of their art.

Third parties with other businesses are not allowed to sublet (whether officially or informally) space from a tenant. That means a third party cannot have their own event “with” a tenant whether that event is inside that tenant’s own space or not. These spaces are for artists on the lease to make, create, and run their own arts-related businesses. Not for third parties who are not tenants to, in essence, have us subsidize their event.

THIS IS NOT RETAIL SPACE. You cannot run a retail store with daily hours and walk-in traffic. You can market your work through a platform like Instagram or Etsy and take appointments for viewings. It is not a space designed for walk-in buyers on a regular basis.

Please note, the submission of this form and/or discussion of a possible rental does not constitute a contract or agreement of any kind. In the event of multiple inquiries for the same studio space, the party who provides their reservation fee (or rent payment) first secures the space. (Up to 30 days’ hold based on the $50 reservation fee, or for the initial payment of the lease.) A space reservation shall not be considered in any way binding, beyond the hold term, without our receiving a signed lease and rent payment. 

Other information:

  • Rent includes basic electricity, Wi-Fi, water, trash, and common area maintenance.
  • Rent is subject to a 3% increase per year, on January 1 of each year, beginning January 1, 2018.
  • Multiple studios may be rented if one space is not big enough for you, at standard rates.
  • A minimum of three (3) months commitment is required for studio rental.
  • A $100 non-refundable reservation fee is required when space is chosen to hold space for 30 days; first month’s rent is due when lease is signed (no other deposit required – everyone pays rent every month; no prepaid rent required).
  • A $250 security deposit is collected upon signing of the lease. This amount cannot be used as part of last month’s rent. If 30 days’ notice is not given, security is forfeited. If space is not left in broom clean condition upon move out, security is forfeited. If tenant leaves a bunch of stuff in their space for us to have to take care of upon move out, security is forfeited.
  • Rent is due on the 25th of each month for the following month.
  • No official or informal subletting is allowed – not for persons conducting their own business in an artist’s rented space, nor for allowing third parties to come in and use the artist’s space and/or the main areas for their own events of any kind.
  • Abrams Creative Space supplies the space / studio with basic electricity and Wi-Fi only. Furniture inside the space is the artist’s responsibility. Abrams Creative Space website will also include an artist / business bio and link to tenants’ websites and social media.
  • Monthly rent payment is by check payable to Oompalala LLC, dropped off to Christine Nelson or Maryelle St. Clare at Abrams Creative Space. Electronic payment methods using a credit or debit card are available with an additional convenience fee.

All sound good? Great! Then click here for the application form.