The Abrams Fixture Corporation Building Is Coming Into Its Own

Check out this article from Curbed about our building and the Adair Park neighborhood of Atlanta! As stated in the article, this building and grounds are rapidly turning into a go-to spot for movies and TV shows for both filming and base camp. While each of the artists and artisans in the building are helping to make the Abrams building itself a hub of creativity individually, together we are building up the whole Adair Park / West End area in general as a prime arts and creative destination in Atlanta. With Castleberry Hill a stone’s throw away, and many art and production studios and galleries close by (Ambient+, Mammal, The Metropolitan, The B Complex, The Rail Yard, Zombie Cat, and more), this part of downtown Atlanta has much to offer for filmmakers, TV productions, and creatives of all kinds.

Abrams building exterior 01

In the past couple of years, the neglected old Abrams Fixture Corporation manufacturing facility in Adair Park has been partially reborn as a hub for artists and tradespeople. –Curbed Atlanta

Abrams Creative Space (unit #7 inside the building) alone has more than ten artists and craftspeople so far leasing space, from fine art to photography to clothing design to taxidermy. Right next door is a large prop house (Metropolitan Art & Design); downstairs is a modern furniture, metalwork design, and large-scale art installation studio (Twochair) along with another studio specializing in  individually handmade wood and metal furniture with an industrial era and mid-century Danish flair (Reclaimed by Demant). Acclaimed fine artist Scott Ingram has a studio as well, where among other things he produces stunning works painted with nail polish. Also located in the building is Cinder Lighting and Grip, which supplies grip & electric, camera, and audio equipment to film productions all over the area.

Abrams building exterior 02

When Burnaway held its annual Art Crush auction there in 2015, executive director Susannah Darrow told Creative Loafing, “We walked in the building and everyone’s jaws kind of dropped open … It’s one of those spaces where you’re like, ‘How has this not been used for the last 20 years?'” –Curbed Atlanta

Click the headline below to read the original article and see more exterior shots.

“1920s Atlanta factory prepares for rebirth in Adair Park”

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